商管專業學院目前有企業管理碩士學位學程 (MBA, Master of Business Administration) 及在職高階經營管理碩士學位學程 (Executive MBA)四組,分別為: 高階領導與創業組 (EMBA in Senior Executive and Entrepreneur Management)、經營管理組(EMBA in General Management)、醫務管理組 (EMBA in Healthcare Management)、資訊管理組 (EMBAin Information Management),組織圖如下所示。商管專業學院碩士學位學程係為專業學位 (professional degree),目標為教授學生管理理論及實務,所招收學生均已在產業界有多年實務工作經驗者,自101學年度起MBA則開始招收應屆畢業學生。



2. A Concrete Plan To Promote Student Participation, Pratical Learning and Internships


The School of Business has professors across areas of productions, official and academics; therefore, students can not only receive basic theorical training, but also courses taught by executives from related organizations and FPG, to fulfill CGU's education ideology of combining theory and practice. Students can adopt the Sandwich Education Method to learn professional knowledge and increase competitiveness in the workplace.


3. Concrete Implemention Strategy--To Promote Internatinal and Cross-Campus Cooperation


MBA Students need to pass a certain language proficiency before they can graduate. This concept is also extended to providing English-based professional courses, to enhance the student's English communication abilities and professional management literacies. Reknowned foreign scholars will continue to be recruited to teach MBA and EMBA courses to further enhance the English learning environment.

   為充實教學師資,促進國際學術交流,加速國際化的推動,本校管院目前已與國際多所知名學校簽約,進行交換學者及交換學生計畫,包跨法國第一個獲MBA認證的Paul Cezanne University管理學院、日本的立教大學新成立的經營學部,以及美國的Gonzaga University。

To enrich the teaching staffs, promote international academic exchanges and accelerate towards globalization, the School of Management has signed plans to exchange scholars and students with numerous international universities, including France's first MBA certified Paul Cezanne Univerity School of Management, Japan's Rikkyo University new Business Department and America's Gonzaga University.


Regarding research facilities, the School of Management is located on the 7th floor of the Management Building; with about 200 square ft., it containing two professional classrooms with capacities of 104 and 53 people, three seminar rooms with capacities of 20 people each, and numerous classrooms. Also, each graduate student has a personal research space, with learning environment and research facilities found at renowned management institutes. In addition, to comply with the establishment of the School of Business, a case-study room, according to internation standards, is under construction to facilitate MBA and EMBA lectures.

  隨著e化教育日漸普及,管理教育將首當其衝,因此建構一個可以提供電子通訊、電化教材、及遠距教學之研究環境是刻不容緩之課題,本校設備評鑑已獲認同,進一步管院將協助商管專業學院的MBA及EMBA學程,更充實個案研究教學設備,增購實務性圖書、雜誌、資料庫、電子期刊等,以強化問題式教學(PBL)的環境資源,促使研究工作更具活力。With e-Education becoming more common, it is important to build a management education that provides e-communication, e-textbook and a research environment for distance learning. The facilities of CGU has received approval,  further assisting the MBA and EMBA programs at the School of Management, and case studies are enriched through purchasing more practical reading materials to strengthen the PBL's environment resources.

  在軟體方面,管院除了配置有RATS、E-views、SAS、SPSS、GAUSS、Financial Tool、LIMDAP、Matlab、Datastream等各項專業支援軟體。

 Regarding Softwares, the School of Business is equipped with various professional supporting softwares such as RATS, E-views, SAS, SPSS, GAUSS, Financial Tool, LIMDAP, Matlab, Datastream.


The CGU School of Business is AACSB accredited. The AACSB accreditation is the most prestigious and credible Business Management Certification; it is the highest approval in business education with 777 universities, including Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Oxford, and Cambridge, accredited and spreads over 52 countries. The School of Business has strived to obtain such certification since it been an AACSB member in 2010 and finally received such honor in 2016.