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Internship in the USA

Since 2012, the MBA is selecting outstanding students and sends them to the Formosa Plastics Corporation in the USA for a one-year internship. It is an opportunity to learn the management of production, business, human resource, accounting, and other aspects of multinational companies and enrich your resume. The interns will realize how to transfer the knowledge of theory to practice.

  • English Proficiency: English listening, speaking, reading, writing, and communication skills are improved through work and daily conversations.

  • Managerial Mindset: Interns have understood the business environment and learned the different management of international companies.

  • Analysis and planning Ability: By participating in management-related works, interns improve their analysis and problem-solving ability.

  • International outlook: Through travels and daily life, interns experience the multi-culture of the United States, cultivate their global vision, and broaden their international perspective.