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Yo Yo Chen's Reflection on the MBA Progam


Although I was born in Taiwan, most of my life was spent overseas. Having been away for so long, I decided to move back home after completing my undergraduate studies at UCSD. However, I was clueless of what’s next. For me, it was almost like stepping onto foreign lands, having only been back during winter breaks and summer vacations.

To ease my way into life in Taiwan, I enrolled in the MBA Program at Chang Gung University. What attracted me the most, besides the Degree in Business and Administration, was the familiarity of English taught courses in a multicultural environment. It was definitely the right decision. Two years flew by quickly and was a great experience. Not only was I able to extend my personal network across borders, having made friends with many incredible people from all over the world, but I was also exposed to countless new and different values and ideas. My Chinese improved, too. In addition, the well-designed curriculum and knowledgeable professors ensure that upon graduation, every student is equipped with the critical thinking skills necessary to endure any future challenges and to see situations in various perspectives—giving graduates the competitive edge that is vital towards the survival in the globalized world we reside in today.


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