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General Information

1. Why should I choose the Chang Gung University (CGU) MBA program?

  • School of Business at CGU is AACSB accredited, which ensures the quality of the program delivered.
  • All courses are taught in English by experts of the fields.
  • The students will have a GREAT chance to be chosen for one year Internship in Formosa Plastics Corporation and Inteplast Group U.S.A.

2. How would the MBA program help me in acquiring knowledge in management?

The MBA program provides students professional practical courses that would be really useful in various areas of business: Marketing, Finance, Business Organization Management, etc. with a bundle of interesting and useful examples drawn from real cases in Specific Companies that are inspired from Experienced Professors.

3. Where is Chang Gung University located?

CGU has established the campus as a global village by providing genuine English learning environment with international faculties, modern LAB facilities, eco-friendly campus, subsidized food courts and convenient living spaces with free shuttle bus services to nearby cities in northern Taiwan. It is located about 25 km away from the Taoyuan International Airport. Taipei, the capital city of TAIWAN (ROC) is only 15 km away from CGU and is well connected with easy and quick bus links.

4. How do students diverse in CGU?

Diversity and inclusion are pivotal to the CGU MBA experience. The MBA Admissions team seeks to admit a class diverse in all dimensions -- ethnicity, gender, ability, values and beliefs, sexual orientation, academics, personal interests and professional backgrounds, as well as diversity of thought.

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