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Recommendations of outstanding fresh graduates for Formosa Plastics Corporation. Applications from eligible candidates will be accepted from now until 7/15.

1. Qualifications

(1) It is limited to Taiwanese, USA, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Chinese, Filippino students

(2) English proficiency: TOEIC 650 or above, or other English language equivalency

(3) Graduate as top 50% students in the class in master degree


2. Application process

(1) Those who meet the qualifications above can fill out the resume and attach supporting documents in FPG recruiting website http://crm2.fpg.com.tw/j2hr2p/home/IndexHomeController.do

(2)  Log in Campus Information System to fill out the requested information, attach the supporting documents, and select the advisor who recommended you (Login path)

(3)  The system will send the relevant data to the selected advisor and the director for the evaluation

(4)  After the evaluation is passed, the list will be provided for enterprises as a recruiting reference

(5)  For more information, please check https://studentaffairs.cgu.edu.tw/p/406-1012-85453,r240.php?Lang=zh-tw


3. Application deadline: July 15 (Thu)

4. If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Lee (03-2118800#2020 / glee@mail.cgu.edu.tw)

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