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Formosa Plastics Group recruitment session (April 20 12:10)

1. Time: April 20(Tue)12:10~13:00

2. Venue: Classroom E0101

3. Speaker: FPG HR

4. Vacancies: Include Formosa Plastics Group, Nanya Technology Corporation, Formosa Chemicals & Fibre Corporation, Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Corporation, Nanya Printed Circuit Board Corporation, etc. If you are interested in these vacancies, please check http://hr.fpg.com.tw/j2hr2p/home/IndexHomeController.do and fill out the resume online. 

5. The positions are open to applicants who major in engineer or management.


1. Click the link to register the session before April 16 (Fri): https://forms.gle/uw7MjLuF6eHiKtFv7

2. Please wear a mask during the recruitment session.

3. The top 100 fresh graduates who successfully sign up can receive a 7-11 NTD$ 100 coupon.


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