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Hedy's Reflection on the MBA Progam

  For me, studying MBA in CGU was a vital and unforgettable experience in retrospect. First of all, MBA program provided every resources to students which we not only obtained the fully supportive environment on our research career but also enriched our knowledge from professors who are highly-qualified and full of teaching enthusiasm. Second, MBA afforded many channels for institution visitations so that we could have chance to get to know more about each coporation, including its group, culture, and spirit. We'd been visited well-known companies in Japan, such as Nissan, Kao and etc. In addition, owing to the fact that CGU was founded by Formosa Plastics Corporation, there was an opportunity for us to No.6 Naphtha Cracking Project in Yunlin for having a visit, which made us recognized the organization and the economic contributions of this project thoroughly. Next, joining MBA helped me broaden my horizon via communicating with students from all over the world. We discussed our thoughts and enhanced our skill of communication and coordination. On the other hand, we always spent our free time together hanging out to facilitate cultural exchanges. Last but not least, I was glad to win the opportunity to have one-year internship in New Jersey. I benefited from various kinds of aspects. I truly learned how a corporation works as well as how to adapt a whole new environment. Moreover, I trained to think independently by every-quarter presentation. Furthermore, All the colleges treated me well, which we still kept in touch and remained good terms. I assumed spent this precious time traveling around USA as a huge bonus as well. In sum, having this great learning experience benefited me personally and professionally, which made me confident to face any situation and hardships.


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