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MBA Enrollment FAQs

General Information

Why should I choose the Chang Gung University (CGU) MBA program?

 School of Business at CGU is AACSB accredited, which ensures the quality of the program delivered.


All courses are taught in English by experts of the fields.

The students will have a GREAT chance to be chosen for one year Internship in Formosa Plastics Corporation and Inteplast Group U.S.A.

 How would the MBA program help me in acquiring knowledge in management?

The MBA program provides students professional practical courses that would be really useful in various areas of business: Marketing, Finance, Business Organization Management, etc. with a bundle of interesting and useful examples drawn from real cases in Specific Companies that are inspired from Experienced Professors.  

 Where is Chang Gung University located?

CGU has established the campus as a global village by providing genuine English learning environment with international faculties, modern LAB facilities, eco-friendly campus, subsidized food courts and convenient living spaces with free shuttle bus services to nearby cities in northern Taiwan. It is located about 25 km away from the Taoyuan International Airport. Taipei, the capital city of TAIWAN (ROC) is only 15 km away from CGU and is well connected with easy and quick bus links.

 How do students diverse in CGU?

Diversity and inclusion are pivotal to the CGU MBA experience. The MBA Admissions team seeks to admit a class diverse in all dimensions -- ethnicity, gender, ability, values and beliefs, sexual orientation, academics, personal interests and professional backgrounds, as well as diversity of thought.

Application process

 Who can apply for MBA program CGU?

An individual of foreign nationality, who has never held a nationality status from the Republic of China and who does not possess an overseas Chinese student status at the time of his/her application, is qualified to apply for admission.

An applicant who with a Bachelor degree is eligible to apply for the MBA program at CGU.

For more detail, please review: Admission for International Students - How to Apply 


 When I can apply to MBA program?

 We will be receiving your application in fall and spring every year.

For application timeline, please check the following link: Admission for International Students - Application Timetable 

 What are the required admissions materials?

Please check the following link and check pages 7-10, 43, and 47-50.

Admission Instructions for International Students 2020-2021 Academic Year

 What are English language proficiency requirements for admission?

 Applicants need to submit a TOEFL score of 480 points or higher (or new TOEFL CBT score higher than 157 points, or new TOEFL iBT score higher than 54 points), TOEIC 520,or a IELTS score of 4 points or higher within the past five years.

This requirement is waived for the applicants under the following circumstances: circumstances

 (1) Applicants whose latest degree is from English-speaking countries.

 (2) Applicants from countries where English is the official language.

How do I submit my official transcripts and degree certificate?

All required document must ARRIVE at our office either IN PERSON or BY POST BEFORE the application deadline.

Applications submitted by fax or e-mail will be rejected. Late, ineligible or incomplete applications will NOT be processed.

How can I see the status of my application?

Admission roster of accepted applicant will be announced on the website of CGU in the following dates appointed. 

A letter of admission will be mailed to the admitted students individually.

Cost and Financial Aids

Does the CGU MBA program offer scholarship and financial aids to International students?

There are mainly three types of financial aids that an MBA international students can expect: 

The MBA program offers tuition waivers to top full-time international students.

International students can also work as teaching assistants or research assistants. The current salary for an RA position ranges from 6,000 – 10,000 NTD/month.

International students will be offered free accommodation on campus.

For more information on scholarships and financial aids for international students, please check the academic affairs website at Scholarships Financial Aids.

Student life

How does CGU support students in their daily life?

National health insurance

• Eligibility: international students studying in Taiwan with the residence permit shall compulsorily participate in the national health insurance in compliance with the national health insurance law as from the 6th month after the day they obtain legal residency in Taiwan.

• When you visit a doctor, the National Health Insurance Administration will cover most of your examination and medication costs. All you need to pay is a co-payment. For more information, please review: http://www.nhi.gov.tw/English/webdata/webdata.aspx?menu=11&menu_id=1100&WD_ID=1100&webdata_id=3161.

Campus clinic: during the semester, the campus clinic is available from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm every Tuesday and Thursday. (Fee: 50NT$ / visit)

Students get 10% off their purchases at Convenient Store, Book store, etc. in CGU.

Free bus from School to Downtown (Linkou)

Free for high quality Dormitory

How much should I budget for living expenses in CGU?

Living expenses are NT$8,000-10,000 (approx. US$250-300) per month.

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