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School of Business EMBA MBA


Department Introduction

Summary of the establishment and organizational structure of the MBA program
Chang Gung University was established in 1987 and the School of Business is formed in 1993. There are currently 4 departments (3 of which makes up one and the other which is independent). The institution has 51 professors and every year, accepts 236 undergraduate students, 137 graduate students and 120 EMBA students, made up of 3 classes (including APEMBA). The school current organization structure is conducive to the promotion of the proposed MBA courses and offers three MS degrees and one MA degree.
The School of Business MBA program is a professional degree with the objective to teach students business ethics and practices. Every year, enrollment openings are set at less than 40 students to ensure small classes with high teaching qualities and has taught more than 60 case studies.
Concrete Implementation Strategies
Before CGU MBA students graduate, they are all required to pass a language proficiency. Hence, the course extends this philosophy, pushing various courses to taught in English to enhance the student’s English communication skills and management professionalism. Further efforts will be made through support of grants to hire international scholars to teach and do research at CGU to strength the English learning environment. 
The School of Business is actively adjusting its course offerings and is not AACSB accredited.